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2019 What to Expect

The last year was an interesting one for most of us. It was a year of releasing mental, physical and emotional clutter. As a result, people in 2018 were faced with letting go of what no longer serves them. And as the year came to an end, anything that had not yet been released became intense. Regardless if these experiences felt comfortable or uncomfortable for you, they are clearing the path for an abundance of good in 2019.

And don’t panic if you haven’t completely let go of the old. You are aware of it. That’s all it takes to step forward with what you have to do. And with time it will resolve itself. Now, onto the upcoming year… 2019. This year is structured around manifestation and amplified power in the moment.


Everyone will experience an increased ability to manifest this year. It’s a global shift and a great shift. Therefore, the key to bringing in abundance, in all forms, is to be aware of this stronger manifesting vibe. Know that what you think about you are more easily going to bring about this year. Instead of closing your eyes and scrunching them really tight to try to manifest something, it will be as easy as blinking.

The downside of this

With easier manifestation you need to be more vigilant on what you are focusing on. So, that ex of yours is not who you want to keep on your mind. If you do they’ll keep coming around annoying you.

The upside of this

Anything positive you focus your attention on you will bring toward you. Thus be careful, how you line up your thoughts is how it will unfold. If you think positive thoughts about the new car you will get in the future… you will always be waiting for it because you are focused on it coming to you in the future and not now. Which brings me to the second powerful component this year.

Being in the moment in 2019

‘Being in the moment’ you’ve heard it before, I know. But in 2019 there is an intensified, higher vibration you will be able to access in the moment. Spending as much time as possible in that vibration, in the moment, is how to gain the most results.

In conclusion, fellow travelers of 2019, what you’ve been wanting and waiting for is possible for you this year. The last couple of years have been trying. Above all, this year keep your focus on shedding the old, staying out of the past and being present. It’s gonna be a good year!

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