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The Skeptic and His Mother

In this episode, The Skeptic and His Mother, I share with you a time that young gentleman that came into my office wanting to believe that his mom was near him in spirit form but was just not ready to accept the truth.

Episode Highlight:

“He sat in that fantastic skeptical position with legs crossed, arms crossed, leaning back on the couch. I didn’t say much and it was very much a look across from the room of,  ‘Go for it. Let me see if you can prove that this was really my mom” So I did what I normally do in a reading, I sat and I closed my eyes. I then meditated for a moment or two to really anchor into my intuition, and she showed up. She showed up. I’ll never forget it. At that time in my office I had it set up so that my chair was in the corner and I had this beautiful antique light green couch. I purposely sat it in the middle of the room so the loved ones could show up behind the person sitting on the couch. He was sitting on this mint green couch and she showed up right behind him. She didn’t even look at me, she was looking at him.”

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