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The Male Who Was Split in Two

In this episode, The Male Who Was Split in Two, I share with you a clearing where I was witness to an incredible young woman who was both a victim and a caretaker for her perpetrator.

Episode Highlight:

“I came across a female and a young boy. Now, the female had to be early 20s and the young boy had to be something like seven or eight years old.  Moreover, the female was very protective of this boy. The human in me said, ‘I wonder if the boy was the victim or if she was?’ So I was starting to ask them questions, and I had to stop because when you ask questions they can get in the way. For instance, your left brain starts to run rampant. So I had to stop asking questions and get centered again focus in and just allow any information to come along. When I inquired with this female spirit, ‘Are you connected to the male?’ It was very clear to me that she had been hurt by him. I could see the fear.”

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