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The Spiritual New Year ~ Conscious Creator Energy

The Spiritual New Year is a special transition. It is a deeper way to look at the beginning of the calendar year. It’s a time to release the energies we are leaving behind and focus on the energies that are yet to come. The Spiritual New Year is a transition time into possibilities for the upcoming months and days to come.

While many focus on the turning over of the clock into the new calendar year, I challenge you to instead to focus on the spiritual energy of the new year. When you have a collective of people deciding that a new year is a new time period, bringing new opportunities and experiences, then it indeed is.

The result of this collective agreement is a new vibration for a new year. Hopes, dreams, possibilities and more manifesting for the upcoming months to come. When we focus on this energy, we increase our forward momentum into the Spiritual New Year.

What Energy to Expect for this Spiritual New Year

At the end of each year I start getting curious about what is coming up in the year to come. Even more so in the last few years, as the world has been undergoing so many drastic changes. This year I’m happy to say we are stepping into a “Conscious Creator” energy.

I’ve been playing with this Conscious Creator energy for the last year, getting a feel for it and for how to bring it into your intuitive flow. The results have been very exciting, I’ll share some with you in the weeks to come, and the Conscious Creator energy we all have access to has been getting stronger and stronger.

When discussing what is to come this next year with my guides, the discussion absolutely included this Conscious Creator energy. Better yet, how to access it in the coming year with ease.

Where to Start With Conscious Creator Energy

Stepping into Conscious Creator energy is going to be an easier thing to do in 2022. This is because 2022 is a year that will be responsive to planning, checklists, and following your dreams. Taking your first steps into this process and getting started as a Conscious Creator is relatively simple.

Start by organizing and getting your checklist and such lined up for the upcoming year. What is it you would like to achieve this year? What process would you like to put in place? Most importantly, what does your emotional environment look like?

Get started with focusing on some of these ideas now and you will step into the next year stronger and stronger, manifesting your bliss and creating a life you enjoy.

Last Words of Conscious Creator Advice

Don’t expect everything to change or become easy overnight. This year is about developing patterns and practices that support you at a higher vibration. Knowing this, you should focus more on creating the daily flow you want to feel rather than how to make large changes. The changes will unfold with the new daily flow. That is the trick to this upcoming year!

Lastly, enjoy as many moments as you can. That is like jet fuel to your Conscious Creator energy.

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