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The First Time I Experienced Animal Communication

The first time I experienced animal communication surprised me. I wasn’t expecting it and it came out of the blue. I certainly welcomed it because, well, it was kinda fun. Up until that point I had only communicated with spirits and guides.

Red Ball

My assistant was stopping by my house to drop off some paperwork and she brought her beautiful dog. He was just a year old and adorably rambunctious. The two of them came into my living room and the dog started to stare at me. I smiled at him, naturally, because he was so darn cute. And then I heard it. “Red ball.”

I thought that it was odd that it popped into my head but I blew it off because I was looking at a very playful dog and it seemed like a natural thought. Then it hit again, “Red ball.” This time it was in a louder, lower toned voice.

I focused in closer on the dog’s eyes and he started to spin around in circles with excitement. It was as if he knew I had heard him and then it burst. “Red ball. Red ball!”

I told my assistant about it and she said it made total sense. They had just been to a dog park that morning and her dog had taken a red ball from another dog. He was also was reluctant to let it go back to its original owner. I suggested she swing by the pet store on her way home to get this cutie pie a red ball. She chuckled and agreed.

Animal Communication is on Their Terms

Between the repeated phrase and her confirmation I had concluded that I experienced animal communication for the first time. It was simple, straightforward, and fun. After she left, I turned to my dog Apple to talk to her. I was excited, as you can imagine, with this new experience. But Apple simply raised her old head up to look at me briefly, and then nestled back into sleep. Zero interest in a chat.

Don’t Try Too Hard

I couldn’t replicate the experience no matter how hard I tried. And then it dawned on me. I’m trying to hard! So I relaxed into my interactions with cats and dogs and shifted my wanting to communicate to being “open” to communication. It was then that I started to have more and more experiences with animals.

My one takeaway from that experience is that animals will talk to you when they want to talk to you. They are so highly intuitive and so connected to source, they have that deep understanding that communication happens when it’s important to happen. Not just for a quick chit chat during a commercial break.

Let Go of Expectations

Once I respected this connection between human and animal it was easier for me to communicate with them. Easier because I approached animal communication with one simple sentence. “What is it you want me to know?” And then I let go of my expectations.

That process opened more moments of communication and many more smiles. In summary, what I learned the most when it comes to animal communication is to be open and grateful for when an animal wishes to deliver you a message. When they do, it’s a beautiful thing!

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