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Spirit animals play a huge role in our human existence. They support us in a variety of ways. Obvious and not so obvious.

Starting With the More Obvious, Our Pets

Our beloved pets, which are spirit animals for us, come into our lives delivering an abundance of unconditional love. Love that is energetic and powerful. How many times have you stopped and taken in the love of a pet only to in turn feel so grateful they were there for you? I know the number of times for me is countless.

Slightly Obvious but Not Always, Stories of Animals

Whether it’s a story you heard in the news or one from your neighbor, we have all heard inspirational tales of animals being outstanding and miraculous. While these seem to be day to day simple happenings, they are more than that. They are symbolic stories of how to be the best spirit we can be. How to function in a space of unconditional love brilliantly. So often animals subtly (or sometimes not so subtly) show us that pure love is possible.

The Least Obvious for Most of Us, Animals in the Wild

All of us have had some sort of interaction with a wild animal. A squirrel running in front of your car. A bird landing on your fence. A skunk waddling across your lawn. These interactions are frequently meaningless other than watching an animal in its natural habitat. But sometimes, these interactions are very meaningful. Those moments where an animal crosses your path in an unusual way. A way that gets you to sit up and take notice, to know a message is being delivered. Those are the moments when the animal is asking you to pay attention and more importantly, to learn.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a wild squirrel, your sweet cat, or a moving story of a lost dog. This is how animals color your path for your best existence. They seamlessly integrate into your experience many times without you even recognizing that they have done so. It’s brilliant.

Hats off to the animals of this world. Thank you. And you are amazing!