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Side Effects of Intuition

There are three remarkable side effects that happen when you open your intuition. You can look at these as three added bonuses on top of the obvious signs and messages that you are able to experience once you begin using your intuition.

I’ll start with the one that is more dear to my heart now that I’ve been on my spiritual path for so many years.

Your Relationships Improve

One of the key components to accessing your intuition is accessing your core self, your spirit, who you truly are. The steps you will take to get there have an absolutely beautiful side effect on your relationships. They improve them!

When you take time to discover how you exist in this world on a soul level, from your heart and in your truth, you step out of unhealthy routines with people in your life. Routines that you learned in order to appease others. Routines that no longer serve you or the individuals in your life.

You Say No More Often

When you open your intuition you begin to feel more. Things feel right or wrong with more clarity. This means when you are headed in the right direction you experience more joy. Also, when you are moving in the wrong direction you feel less joy, perhaps even uncomfortable.

With these sensations amplified by your intuition, you find yourself having a more difficult time saying yes to the things that take you away from the direction your spiritual path is headed. This is a beautiful thing.

Many of us have such an ingrained pattern of saying yes when we really want to say no. Your intuition, now speaking louder, will help you break that pattern.

Manifesting Becomes More Simple

One of the most impactful steps to opening your intuition is decluttering. Getting rid of baggage and excess mentally, emotionally, and physically. That in itself is very freeing, but there is a bigger side effect that is wonderful. Manifesting becomes easier!

One big block to manifesting the things you wish to experience and have in this lifetime is clutter. When you reduce the clutter in your life, not only does your intuition open up further, but manifesting becomes accessible, fun, and simple.

Get Started Experiencing Side Effects of Intuition

Get started today opening up your intuition and living a life full and complete. Step into a spiritual path that involves ALL of you, not just the components others have decided are important.

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