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One Tip to Get Stronger Intuitive Messages

The tip I’m about to share with you on how to get stronger intuitive messages is one that I absolutely love. I learned this from my guides years ago and it  just made sense to me. Once I grasped the concept, it opened more doors to my intuitive channel.

Stronger Messages Are Just a Small Shift Away

The tip is simple. The tip is to defocus. When we are sharply focused on the solid items around us, we are not focused on what we are actually looking for. If you are working on getting stronger intuitive messages, stop for a moment to think about where intuitive messages come from. That which we are looking to connect with, in the spiritual realms, is not in the solid. So when we let our eyes relax and pull away our human focus on material items around us, we see, feel, and hear more intuitively.

Seeing Something Out of the Corner of Your Eye

There is a reason you occasionally see movement or an image out of the corner of your eye. After making sure there aren’t any medical reasons for seeing things in your peripheral, we can look to the spiritual connection. First find out if you are medically good to go. If yes, then it was an intuitive message you experienced naturally. This happens for a simple reason. It happens because you are defocused in your peripheral vision. In your peripheral, you are not focusing on the solid, your gaze is relaxed.

This is why you see something out of the ordinary out of the corner of your eye. Then it disappears when you turn to find out what it was. When you turn your attention in the direction of the experience, you automatically focus your gaze onto material objects around you. You search for the object you saw by looking at the wall, the door, a table, etc. As a result, the message or object is nowhere to be found. This is because you stopped looking at it from where it was coming from, from the defocused space.

The Power of Defocusing

When we allow our gaze to defocus, we are disconnecting from the material objects around us. We are allowing ourselves to step out of the agreed upon reality. Just for a moment or two we are saying that we will comfortably relax in the space where the messages reside.

More simply put, when you are wanting more intuitive messages to come through with more clarity, you need to be present where they are coming from. Intuitive messages are not found in the material realm. Intuitive messages are found in the energy of source, your guides, the universe, and the energy of love that connects all of us.

Try This Out ~ Relax That Gaze

Allow yourself a few minutes a day to relax your gaze and let the world around you fall away. Start with a simple question, one of my favorite questions to ask your guides and sources. “What is it you want me to know?” Then rest and relax, allowing messages to flow in any way they wish to flow. Do this regularly and you will begin to connect to your unique intuitive flow.

To really jump into this, get our free intuitive development course called The Top Five Intuitive Tools. In that course there is a section on guide communication. This is where you learn a really fun and interesting way to defocus.

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