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How Inner Work Affects Intuition

I worked one-on-one with my spiritual guide for the first few years of my spiritual awakening. He taught me most everything I know about intuition. During our time together he asked me to do a lot of inner work on myself. I followed his instructions, and by doing this, I learned quickly how inner work affects intuition in a very positive way.

Inner Work Affects Intuition Positively

Intuition is strong for every single person. When someone doesn’t experience their intuition as strong or clear, it’s because it is being blocked in one way or another. The key to accessing your intuition is removing those blocks. And how do we remove blocks? Yep, inner work.

When we do inner work we are going inwards to heal, balance, adjust, and align. As we start to clean up the things we are wanting to clean up, blocks become removed. With the blocks removed, guess what you have more access to? Yup, intuition!

One Reason the The SAGE Method Works So Well

As I type this, I am currently in the middle of teaching a round of the SAGE Method, a 7-week intuitive development course. In the middle of the course students are asked to dive into doing inner work. As a result of doing that inner work, they remove blockages that were getting in the way of their intuition. Also as a result, they will be stepping into the final weeks of the course with stronger and more clear intuition.

Over the years, one thing I’ve heard from graduates of the SAGE Method, is their pleasant surprise at how much better their life is in general. This makes total sense to me. Inner work, which is a key step to accessing your intuition, does indeed have that wonderful side effect of improving your life.

It Can Be Challenging But it is Always Valuable

One last thought. Just like I tell my students each time I go through those middle weeks of the course, I’ll say to you this… going within can be hard and challenging, but it is always worth it. It can make you uncomfortable at times but I have never heard anyone say they wished they didn’t do the work in the first place. The hard work you do always brings peace, calm, alignment, and strong intuition.

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