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Getting Intuitive Information For Yourself

Getting intuitive information about things that are important to you can be difficult. This can be difficult because we really, really want answers, especially when a situation is close to our hearts. One of three things happens when you ask personal questions through your intuition.

1 – You Get Nothing

Dead air. No response. This can make you feel shut down and disconnected from the spiritual path you have been walking for so long. It is as if a giant door has been put up in front of you on your path with a huge sign on it saying “Nope”.

While this can be frustrating, read on. There are steps you can take to open up that intuitive channel of yours in moments that are important to you. And remember, impatience blocks intuition. Yes, that is a huge bummer, but it does. I’ve seen it happen to thousands of people over the years and personally experienced it quite a bit myself. So release your impatience as soon as you can.

2 – You Get Information But it Ends Up Being Inaccurate

This is a tricky thing because the information you received when tapping into your intuition might not be intuition. Messages could be inaccurate because they actually came from your imagination. This tends to happen when our emotions are deeply invested in a situation. It also happens when we already know a lot about the situation.

Our left brain, the analytical part of this process, can’t help but interject when we are trying to get information. The result is a mix of intuition and imagination. Even worse, sometimes it’s all imagination. Again, there are steps you can take to get out of your own way and I’ll cover those.

3 – You Actually Get Accurate Intuitive Information For Yourself

I’ll throw this one in here because there are indeed going to be times where you will get accurate information. This can happen even when you are highly emotionally connected to the situation. If this occurs, chances are good your spirit guides, loved ones on the otherside, and/or source know that pushing through solid, clear, and accurate information to you will be helpful for the overall picture.

So How Do You Improve Intuitive Accuracy For Yourself

Simple. You get out of your own way. Your vested interest, your hope of a particular outcome, and your emotions are all blocking your intuitive channel. When you can set all of those aside, even for a few moments, you are in a better place to receive messages from your intuition instead of imagination.

So get creative and find a way to step out of the emotions and desires of the situation before you tap in. Perhaps create an imaginary purse or bag and picture moving your desires and hopes into that bag for just a moment. Tap in, ask the questions, receive the answers, and then allow yourself to take your desires and hopes back on. Give this a try and you just might see a significant increase in your accuracy.

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