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Communicating With Your Pet Intuitively

Animal communication with humans has been happening forever. In cultures around the world and time periods that span history, there have been humans communicating with animals intuitively. The most common application of it today is communicating with your pet.

Quick note, animal communication is possible for everyone, absolutely everyone. Just like intuition in general, it is not reserved for just a special few people. If you follow a few of these steps, you will start to open up that channel of communication between you and your animal companion.

Relax Into the Experience

The very first step is to relax. Stop thinking and get that racing mind of yours to settle itself, even if for only ten minutes. When it comes to animal communication, information will transfer through emotions and intent so allowing your mind to let go of all other thoughts and emotions is a very good thing.

Set the Intention

Carve out a few minutes to set your intentions. This falls in line with the act of relaxing. A few deep breaths along with an internal decision that you will, for the next few minutes, be open to receiving messages from your pet. An internal statement to yourself that having a conversation with your pet is 100% possible and will be easy to do.

Open Up Your Body Language

Uncross your legs, feet and arms. Find a purposeful place to rest your hands, one that feels meaningful to you. Perhaps you place both of your hands over your heart or rest them facing palms up on your knees. You could even try resting one or both hands on your pet.

Ask the Number One Question and Then Allow

With your intent, ask your pet the best question for intuitive communication ~ “What is it you want me to know.” Then, sit back and allow any and all information to come to you. Stay open to how you will receive that intuitive piece of information. Even if you’ve been using your intuition for a while, animal communication might come through a different channel for you. So stay open.

Allow all five of your senses to be open to delivering messages from your pet. Perhaps you feel a physical sensation or you see an image. Write it down and, if it doesn’t make sense initially, don’t worry. You can always revisit it again later or the understanding of it may bubble up for you at a later time as well.

In Summary for Communicating With Your Pet

When it comes to animal communication you need to know a few key things:

  • Everyone has the ability to communicate with animals.
  • Your intuition might express it in a different way than it normally would.
  • Relax and remove all pressure off of yourself.
  • Stay open and allow anything to come through.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

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