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A Hidden Psychometry Technique

I love a good psychometry technique. Having done professional mediumship readings for so many years I have held so many different objects. People will bring in a physical object for me to hold so I can pick up intuitive information from that object. This is the basis of psychometry.

What is Psychometry?

Joseph Rodes Buchanan created the term psychometry in 1842. It is defined as “measuring the soul” but many describe it as being able to obtain information about an object or its owner by holding the object or touching it to his forehead.

While I feel that the forehead concept is a nice touch, it is not necessary by any means. Simply holding an object, one can connect with the energy of the object and pick up intuitive information from it.

The Standard Practice of Psychometry

In general, students learning psychometry are taught to simply hold an object and “feel” what comes through. This does result in accurate intuitive hits, but this teaching is limited and can restrict some students.

Many will flow with this technique automatically, but some will struggle with clarity. I personally like to understand what is really happening when we do psychometry. I believe when we grasp the concept of “how” the information is being transferred, then we are able to get more.

What is Really Happening When We Do Psychometry?

In order to understand psychometry on a deeper level we need to understand the energy around solid matter. This world we live in is made up of molecules. Molecules come together to create form. We are made of molecules and the objects that we hold are made of molecules.

In between these molecules is a plethora of space. More space than molecules you could say. This space in between the molecules is what we are actually looking for as intuitive readers. That space is Source, the universe, the existence of spiritual energy.

When we focus on the space in between the molecules, instead of the solid, we are connecting with the actual source that shares with us the intuitive messages. By focusing on this, we are able to open the intuitive channel wider and connect more deeply.

Try This Psychometry Technique

The next time you get a chance to try psychometry, try this technique.

  1. Hold the object in your hand.
  2. Acknowledge the spaces in between the molecules of the object.
  3. Acknowledge the spaces in between the molecules of your hand.
  4. Visualize those spaces intersecting and interacting with each other.
  5. Say what you intuitively see, feel, and hear.

Give it a try. It’s a fun technique and you never know, you just might go deeper than you ever have before with psychometry.

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