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When You Get Negative Intuitive Messages From a Reading

When it comes to intuition, occasionally negative intuitive messages will come through. This does happen from time to time but never in a manner to scare or frighten you. And more often than not, if it is a very negative piece of information, it’s probably not intuition at all.

When your intuition alerts you to a negative or dangerous situation in the present moment you are in, you should always listen to that gut message. But when you sit down with yourself or a reader and negative information comes through, you should take a moment to evaluate the messages.

Getting Negative Intuitive Messages About Yourself

If you tap in to get intuitive information about yourself and receive a scary message, my suggestion is to take a big old step back. Clear your head and remind yourself that your intention and imagination can be at play here. Most often when we receive a negative message about ourselves it is our own fear that is speaking, not our intuition.

Unless you are able to disconnect yourself from the worry of a situation or the intended outcome you wish to see, your intuition will be muddled. Intent, concern, fear, analysis are all things that block intuitive flow. When this happens, your imagination will feel like your intuition.

So take a step back from trying to tap in and gently release the outcome. If you are unable to distance yourself from your desires and wants, I suggest not trying to tap in. Reach out to a friend or ethical reader to get an outsiders intuitive input for guidance.

Ethical Readers Never Deliver Fear-based Information

Like I said earlier, negative information does come through every now and then. This is why it is super helpful to find an ethical reader who has trained their intuition and is good at keeping their imagination out of the session. A good reader, upon getting more fearful information, will do one of two things. They will check in with you to see if it is confirmation of something you are already aware of or they will deliver it without lacing it with fear.

Over the many years I worked as a professional intuitive, I found it was rare that negative information would come through from the otherside. But when it did, it always came through as either a confirmation of something the person already knew or was dealing with, or it came through gentle enough to provide guidance.

Most of the time it’s simply confirmation, like a recent funeral or a divorce that occurred in the past. If it’s not confirmation it will be more helpful than scary. Guides and loved ones on the otherside are not interested in scaring you. That would go against their purpose of guiding and helping you. Fear does not help anything move forward.

Scam Artists/Fake Readers

I will take this last moment to warn you of scam artists and fake intuitive readers. Unfortunately they exist. And even more unfortunate is they rob people of their money by using fear. If you ever come in contact with a reader who is doling out a bunch of fearful statements and “predictions” get up and walk away immediately. Their goal is to scare you enough that they are able to convince you to spend money on their “solutions”. They will attempt to sell you a ridiculously expensive candle or get you to book numerous expensive sessions with them.

I wish that wasn’t the case, but over the years I’ve run into many of these individuals. They only care about making a lot of money and they are not tapping into their intuition. If they are asking you a ton of leading questions, poking at fear or saying frightening predictions, end the session and leave.

A good referral is worth a lot in the intuitive world. Ask some friends if they know of anyone who is a good reader. It’s worth the extra step!

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