Lesley Levine

2022-04-07T14:18:49-07:00By |

Lesley Levine Hello! I am Lesley Levine and thank you for visiting. Like all of us, I am sure that my intuitive and psychic [...]

Michelle Milne

2022-04-07T14:02:00-07:00By |

Michelle Milne Hi there. My name is Michelle Milne and THANK YOU checking out this pate. As a recent graduate of the SAGE Method [...]

Carissa Cano

2022-05-28T11:33:24-07:00By |

Carissa Cano Connections Sessions: where I hold space for you to communicate with your guides or loved ones who have transitioned, and deepen your [...]

Sandra DeMers

2022-04-07T14:26:54-07:00By |

Sandra DeMers Hello, I am Sandra DeMers and I am offering intuitive readings in real time for $100. These generally take from 25 to [...]

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