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Michelle Milne

Hi there. My name is Michelle Milne and THANK YOU checking out this pate. As a recent graduate of the SAGE Method Practitioner Program I feel beyond honored to share this accomplishment with all of you! With amazing guidance and an abundance of  encouragement, I’ve finally stepped onto my spiritual path and that which is for my greatest and highest good. It is a spiritual path that includes helping others – the living, those that have passed on and all the other energies that surround us.

As an emotional intuitive,  I feel A LOT and I believe my abilities flow out from there. I do see the movement of energy around me, I feel energetic shifts, I feel the dance of energy within my hands, and I’m am open to everything else the Universe would like to share with me. While I lean strongly into my psychic senses, my medium skills are an amazing work in progress.

Before I start a reading, I set the following intention:

“Allow me to highlight the inner magic and beauty of my sitter and to present it in a way that allows them to really see it, understand it, appreciate it and then share it. Please allow this so they can connect with their greatest and highest good, and then through sharing, allow this knowledge to cause a ripple of positivity in the world and universe around them”. While in session, I use mediation, tarot cards, and intuition to bring this information to the surface.

In recent sessions, I’ve also been able to reach my sitter energetically through the in-between.  It’s new to me, but I’m excited to share this with clients moving forward.

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