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Taking care of your energetic body

If you’ve heard me speak about intuition and your energetic body, you’ve most likely heard me talk about GCP. And I know I mention it a lot. It’s because it is such an amazing tool! It’s pure magic!

GCP (Ground, Clear, Protect) is the quick and easy practice of grounding, clearing, and protecting your energetic space. Here are three reasons why it’s such an important practice and the results you see as a result of doing GCP daily.

Reason #1 – You shouldn’t be carrying other people’s energy

When we walk through this life of ours, we pick up other people’s energy and carry it along with us. We do this because we are empaths, caretakers, givers, etc. Our desire to help others can weigh us down simply by inadvertently taking on their hurt, frustration, and fear.

When we use GCP, we become aware of the energy we are taking on and we stop collecting that which we should not carry. The result for this one is more balanced energy so we can, in turn, help others even more on our path.

Reason #2 – You can bring more abundance into your life

If we are not caring for our energetic body, then it’s difficult for us to attract what we want into our lives. Since like attracts like, the universe is sending you, right now, more of what is currently in your energetic space. And if your energetic space is muddied with other emotions and energies you do not want, the universe has a less than clear picture of what it is you truly want.

When we GCP and clear out those old energies, what is left is all of the beautiful energy of you. The universe reads this pure “you” energy and sends more of it to you. The result for this one is what you bring into your life will be more aligned with what you really want.

Reason #3 – To help others

People around us are affected by our energy simply by being near us. So, if we are carrying muddy energy, that is what they will experience radiating off of us. By clearing our energy and keeping it balanced and in line with our spiritual path, those around us will benefit as well simply by feeling the beautiful energy coming off of us. Easy result on this one… you will make a difference in this world simply by being present. You rock!

Get started taking care of your energetic body asap!

If you haven’t been doing GCP jump into the link below to learn more about it and how it’s done. It is one of the simplest and most powerful things you can do for yourself on your spiritual path. You will wish you would have been doing it all along.

GCP is taught in the free course The Top Five Intuitive Tools. You can find that course by clicking this link.

And here is a quick video on how to stop taking on other people’s energy.