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When You Fall Off the Spiritual Wagon

There are going to be times when you fall off the spiritual wagon. Times where your human world absorbs you in such a way that you lose track of your spiritual connection. This is common and it happens to everyone. We are spiritual beings here to have a human experience. Sometimes that human experience can overshadow our spiritual experience.

Don’t Panic

Like I said, this happens to everyone. And if this is you currently, don’t panic. First and foremost release any frustration or guilt over the situation. Let go of any opportunity to feel badly that you haven’t been focusing on your spiritual path. Secondly, recognize that returning to that balanced spiritual state is instantaneous and more simple than you think.

The human in us tends to think that we have to “reclimb a hill” or get “all the way back” to where we were. The truth of the matter is our spirituality is not rooted in linear time and can be reconnected in an instance. It can be rebalanced and just as prominent in one flap of a hummingbird’s wings.

Here is How Linear Time Comes In

While our human existence is very much rooted in linear time, our spiritual existence is not. This means our body is incredibly affected by linear time but our spirit is not. For example, if we gain 30 pounds, we need to be patient as it will take time to get that weight back off. This is because the physical body is deeply linked into a linear timeline. It takes time to achieve change.

The spiritual body however, is not linked into this physical existence, thus not restricted by linear time. That is to say that this is why we can journey to the past and to the future in meditative and intuitive ways. Our spiritual connection is not rooted in this solid environment. Thus, it is not limited by a linear timeline.

A Quick Intention Exercise to Find Rebalance

I would highly recommend the practice of GCP to get back into balance rapidly and with as much ease as possible. This particular practice (I’ll put a link below) recognizes all three of your bodies and aligns them into balance in an instant. This practice takes less than 30 seconds to do at first and, in time, can be done in a single breath.

Give yourself the gift of watching this short video on GCP and start using it in your daily practice. It’s free, simple, and something that everyone should do to care for themselves and their personal energetic space.

A quick training video on GCP can be found in this free course ~ Click Here for the Free Course

If you would like to hear me expand more on this subject, please watch my free video lesson (and much more!) on my YouTube channel ~ Click here

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