What is Sacred Space?

Sacred Space is an amazing meditation session that raises your vibration. It brings you closer to your guides, to source, and to your higher self. As a result, during the meditation session, you are given the energy, balancing, and messages that you need the most. Watch the video below for more information on Sacred Space and what to expect when attending a session.

Sacred Space is held on every Full Moon and New Moon in the SAGE Circle. Click here for more information on the SAGE Circle.

Testimonial, Terry Carretta

“You might be asking… what IS Sacred Space & what will it do for me?

It’s a wonderful, delicious, multi-sensorial experience in space/time where one gets to commune with one’s soul, Spirit Guides & loved ones who have passed on. Likewise you can just relax into a wonderful chill vibe to ‘reset’ one’s energy.

Just by settling in & allowing Beau to raise the vibration with all participants on the call. My experience of mere meditation turns into a ‘Wonderland of Connectedness’. Significant revelations & messages are delivered in vivid visuals, sounds & sensations. As a result, I’ve had direct communication with my Guides in such intense detail. I now have the confidence to call on them by name because I really ‘know’ them. Likewise, the more I do it the more my ‘intuitive muscle’ gets renewed & revitalized.

These meditation sessions are Beau’s special contribution to the world. Certainly, they should be experienced by anyone & everyone who takes their spiritual path development seriously. It is honestly the best hour of space/time in my week & I’m seriously hooked!”

What Happens in Sacred Space

Nothing is required of you during the session other than to simply be present and relax comfortably. During the session, Isabeau will lift the vibration for you, giving you the opportunity to heal, balance, and recharge. The positive effects of Sacred Space are multiplied with each session attended.

Isabeau was given the Sacred Space energy back in 2008 by her guides and uses it in conjunction with her intuitive strengths to help others. As a medium, she is able to connect others to their higher sources. In addition, she is strong with remote work. Thus, she is able to work with you from a distance. Combining these strengths, she’s able to connect with people remotely. Subsequently, she increases their energetic vibration with Sacred Space energy. This energy brings you closer to your higher self, your guides, and your loved ones.

In summary, it’s the connection to those higher sources that makes it easier for you to heal, balance, and recharge with their assistance. It’s like being brought into a room with your guides, your higher self, and the higher energies. From there, they know what is best for you and they will work with you to help you balance and recharge.

The SAGE Method

The SAGE Method offers a variety of supportive and educational tools for those on their spiritual path. There are classes, community memberships, videos, and more. Each individual is unique and learns in their own unique way on their path. The SAGE Method is accepting of all and supportive of all learning methods. For all the SAGE Method offers, visit https://thesagemethod.com