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Insecurity With Intuition

If you are anything like me, my first insecurity with intuition was when I first opened up intuitively and stepped into my abilities. I was thirty-two years old when I was thrust into the intuitive world. Previously a skeptic, I was now faced with living in a world I was unfamiliar with.

My first insecurity was about being able to even get intuitive messages at all, let alone accurate ones. Then, once I started to get those accurate intuitive messages, I became insecure about telling other people about the messages I got.

What would they think? Would they judge me? Will they think I’m weird?

Insecurity With Intuition is Common

If you can relate to this topic, you are not alone. With how our culture regards people who use their intuition, it is no doubt that fear of judgment is floating just below the surface. While there are a lucky few who were raised in an open and nurturing environment, many of us were not.

Insecurity with intuition is common. Identifying as an intuitive, sharing what your intuition tells you, and making decisions via intuition can be a challenge for many. But it doesn’t always have to be. While I may have been insecure in the early years, I am no longer concerned with what others think of my natural and strong intuitive abilities.

How to Overcome Your Initial Intuition Insecurities

If you are just starting out with your intuition and feel less than confident about your abilities, there is a simple tool you can use to step into the certainty you are searching for. While this will not immediately relieve you of worrisome thoughts about others, it will shrink the fear.

When you are getting into your meditative zone to gather intuitive information, take an extra moment to pause and recognize any insecurities that are floating around in your mind. Imagine pulling those insecurities out and setting them aside for the short period of time that you will be in an intuitive state.

Remind yourself that worry, insecurity and doubt block intuition. Tell your doubt that it needs to take a seat for ten minutes. It can come back later, just not during the time you are dedicating to connecting with your intuition. Collect your intuitive messages and when you get a strong, accurate hit, make sure to write it down in a notebook. Call that notebook your No Doubt Notebook (link below with more information).

In time, you will have a notebook filled with reminders of just how strong your intuition truly is. This will aid you in releasing your insecurities and getting more an more comfortable with the strong intuitive you are.

How to Release Insecurities Around Others

When you step out into the world to share your intuitive abilities it can be nerve wracking. We can worry about judgment and other people’s opinions of us. This is because there are people in the world who will confront you and verbally doubt you.

When this happens, take a step back into the observer position. As quickly as you can, step out of the defensive mode and step into the mode of curiosity. Ask yourself a few key questions to explore what is really going on in the situation.

What happened to this person that they are so judgmental of others? Why does intuition scare them so badly? Are they able to be their authentic self in their own lives?

These questions will put you back into a space of what is really happening. What is truly unfolding is an insecure person is positioning themselves to make themselves feel better or protect their own fears from coming to the surface.

Remembering this returns you to the awareness that each person walks their path and some project onto others their own fears. When we can love those people unconditionally, and with healthy boundaries, we have succeeded. Better yet, our insecurities begin to slide away, replaced by compassion.

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