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Why Predictions Fail

We wonder why predictions sometimes fail because, well, most of the time we are hopeful they will come true. But the truth is there are a few reasons why a prediction might not come true.

Reason #1 – Why Predictions Fail

The future is solid vs. free will

When an intuitive reader gives you a prediction, they are giving it to you as it stands in that very moment. Moving forward from that moment, two outcomes are possible.

  1. The events leading up to the prediction are solid and set in stone. They must happen on your path, thus they do and the prediction unfolds as predicted.
  2. Or, the events are not set in stone and thus free will moves the future into a different direction and the prediction fails.

One can only guess how often a prediction fails for this reason simply because free will cannot be measured and there are so many twists and turns the future can take when we consider free will and everyone included on our path.

Reason #2 – Why Predictions Fail

Your participation doesn’t happen

When a prediction comes through in an intuitive reading, it is made with the assumption that certain things will happen between now and the prediction unfolding. It can be as simple as the prediction of your house selling but your house is not on the market yet. Thus, one task that has to happen between now and the sale of your house is you need to contact a real estate agent. If you don’t contact the agent, the house won’t go on the market and thus, won’t sell. The prediction then fails.

While that is pretty straightforward and an easy example, many predictions rely on things much more complicated happening. Emotional growth, change in patterns, or even releasing of old baggage to name a few. And these things can be hard to do. Heck, we might not even be aware we need to do them and then… the prediction fails.

Reason #3 – Why Predictions Fail

You got a reading from a not so great reader

Yep, it’s the cold hard truth… not all intuitive readers are good at doing readings. So be careful who you get a reading from and always remember that just because a reader tells you something, doesn’t mean they actually picked that information up intuitively. Take time to search out someone reputable and you’ll find readings to be much more helpful!

Stop waiting and start loving the moment

Overall, if there was one message, one hopeful “prediction” from me to you… I would want you to release predictions and re-anchor back into where you are right now and love your journey.

Predictions are fun, cool, and can even bring a sense of calm at times. It’s perfectly okay to be interested and open to them. But in the end, what is most important is this moment right here right now. Prediction falls into a category of waiting and action falls into a category of living. Awesome if you get a prediction, but never let that prediction put you into a space of waiting. Keep living your beautiful path.

On that amazing path of yours is your own intuition as well. Work on honing that incredible intuition of yours and watch your path unfold with much more clarity. Click here to learn more about how to open up your intuition to get more and more messages for yourself.

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