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Impatience Blocks Intuition

Impatience blocks intuition. This was one of the toughest concepts I had to come to terms with when I opened up my intuition. For someone like myself (a driven, Type A, Taurus), patience is not my strong suit.

My Personal Experience With Patience and Intuition

Years ago when I opened up intuitively I was very focused on honing my intuition. However, I stumbled repeatedly over my impatience. As a result, the process was slow at first. It was a year or so into the process that I sat down and took a review of my intuitive strength.

I found when I was calm, patient, and enjoying the process of using my intuition, my intuition would flow with ease. When I was impatient, desperate, or irritated, my intuition would be difficult to access.

What My Students Have Experienced

Back then, my personal experience became clear to me and I was able to shift into patience more and more often as I went along. A few years later, when I began teaching others how to open and hone their own intuition, I witnessed students experiencing the same thing I had. Their intuitive development was happening at a slower rate and it was directly connected to impatience. When they were also able to shift from impatience to patience, they witnessed first hand their intuition flourish faster.

What You Can Do When Impatience Blocks Intuition

It is indeed a vicious cycle. We want an intuitive message to come through, or we want to have clear guide communication. When it doesn’t happen right away, we get impatient. That impatience blocks intuition. And we then sit, quiet, frustrated and wanting a message to come through.

The number one tool to break this impatience cycle is recognition. As often as possible, recognize when you are being impatient. If you feel stuck with your intuition ask yourself if you are feeling patient or impatient.

When you find you are indeed feeling that stress of wanting something right away, take five deep breaths and remind yourself to just have fun. Let go of your intent. Release your desire for answers immediately. Stay curious and interested in the process of intuition and how you are experiencing it.

My Favorite Patience Statement

“Everything always works out for me.” This is my absolute favorite sentence to pull out of my hat when things aren’t flowing for me. It snaps me back into the moment. It reminds me that no matter what happens in this moment, I will be okay. Best yet, it reminds me to have fun and stay playful instead of holding myself in a state of worry.

Break that cycle of impatience as soon as you can. You will be so incredibly grateful you did. And, as an added bonus, it will overall improve the quality of your life!

If you’ve been trying to open up your intuition and find you struggle with the process, take a moment to look into the SAGE Method. Students from all over the globe have taken the course and are thriving!

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