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How intuitive am I?

The answer to the question, “How intuitive am I?” is… you are VERY intuitive. One thing that could be stopping you from accessing all that wonderful intuition of yours is thinking in terms of limits.

When we associate intuition with limits we block ourselves from fully accessing our intuition. In this post I’ll share with you a quick meditation that will hopefully help you to open up that naturally strong intuition of yours further and further.

Yep, there are no limits. Intuition isn’t stronger in one person and weaker in others. It’s not a matter of how much intuition you have. It’s all about giving yourself the time and focus to learn to hone your intuition and access it with ease.

What about famous intuitives?

When we see the big intuitive celebrities out there doing mind-blowing readings it seems that certain people have a “gift” while others don’t. When this discussion comes up I love to challenge people to think of intuition as an ability and not as a gift. An ability everyone has.

Some have just spent more time practicing their ability and are actively working to take good care of themselves. This combination is a winning combination when it comes to accessing your intuition. So let’s jump into a meditation that will help you step into that pattern yourself.

Setting Your Intent to Open Your Third Eye

  1. Take 5 slow, deep breaths.
  2. Picture yourself (or feel yourself) floating in a supportive cloud that is filled with love.
  3. Speak or think this sentence – I take wonderful care of myself.
  4. Take 5 more deep breaths while you are still on the cloud.
  5. Speak or think this sentence – I access my intuition with ease.

Do this quick meditation each morning for 10 days and watch as you start to make loving choices for yourself and, even cooler, you start to access that strong intuition of yours more easily.

For more tools to assist in opening up your intuition, jump into this free course The Top Five Intuitive Tools