Spiritual Clearings by the Crossing Over Team

Isabeau Maxwell

Isabeau Maxwell, Team Leader

Isabeau is an internationally known medium, author and teacher, touching the lives of people across the world. Known for her compassion and accuracy, Isabeau brings peace and comfort to many through her spiritual clearings, transformative sessions and teachings. Isabeau has been doing spiritual clearings since 2007 and currently performs clearings of all levels for individuals, homes, businesses, and more.

The Crossing Over Team

Each member of the Crossing Over Team is a SAGE Certified Practitioner and had gone through a year long training program by Isabeau Maxwell. They have been tested and certified for their intuitive abilities. Therefore, they hold themselves to a higher set of spiritual ethics. Click on the information below to schedule a spiritual clearing with a Certified SAGE Practitioner today.

crossing over team Stacy Nestor

Stacy Nestor, Team Member

I work with people who are struggling with spirit attachments or who are affected by spiritual energy in their home. I have a strong passion for working with children. To help secure their environment and support them in their energetic development and empowerment drives me. In essence, all my work is based in love and compassion for both the person I am working with and the spirit causing the disruption.

crossing over team Michelle Milne

Michelle Milne, Team Member

Hi there!! My name is Michelle Milne. I see, assess and then clear the residual and spiritual energy that can be found in the spaces around us. Sometimes, it is residual energy that has become stagnant and heavy because it contains the emotional baggage of personal past history. At other times, the energy present is that of a spirit. One who is stuck and affecting the space, or the occupants of that space. These spirits need help crossing over. My clearings call in the elements of love, healing and white light while using remote viewing, intuition and mediation.

crossing over team Carissa Cano

Carissa Cano, Team Member

When doing clearing work, my goal is to clear out any energy that does not serve your highest good and assist stuck spirits in crossing over. When your home feels heavy, negative, or you feel there are spirits in the house that don’t belong, a spiritual clearing can help tremendously. Most importantly, releasing the energy that blocks joy, healing and growth in your life makes a difference in the lives of all involved. In addition, it helps you feel your true self and reach your goals.


Diann Stover, Team Member

I offer intuitive energy healings, animal healing, and spiritual clearings. These sessions are done by phone, email or real time.
Looking forward to serving you! Please send me an email to diannlynnpsychichealer@yahoo.com
Thank you!
Love and Light to you all.