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Cracking Open: The Podcast

Welcome to Cracking Open: The podcast, where we interview SAGE Circle members to find out about their intuitive journey and development. In these real, raw, and open conversations we hear stories of joy, struggle, and individuals overcoming challenging times. Likewise, we listen to people, just like us, who were able to discover their true selves and bliss by following their own unique spiritual path and being willing to take the steps necessary to thrive.

Our hopes for you in listening to this podcast is that you’ll relate, lift up, and be inspired. We are not alone on this journey of discovery. Coming together and celebrating each other’s wins and triumphs over the hurdles that are put in front of us creates strength. In other words, we lift up in our most organic state, one. Above all, it is in that space that we find love. So, join us as we sip coffee, chat, and discover what it’s really like cracking open to your intuition!

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