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Episode 4 – Daniella Quartucio

Welcome to our fourth installment of Cracking Open: The Podcast! In this series I interview SAGE Circle members to find out about their intuitive journey. Most importantly, today’s guest is Daniella Quartucio, an energy healer and mom. Daniella shares with us what it was like growing up as a highly sensitive child. Meanwhile, not understanding what was happening to her energetically. Additionally, she shares the moment in life when she was guided to the knowledge she needed. Above all, the knowledge to finally understand her intuition. Also, how she was able to use that knowledge to hone her intuition and as a result, help others. So let’s jump into Cracking Open.

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Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium

Follow these links to purchase the book by country (if your country isn’t listed, go to your Amazon page and search for “Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium”):
US – Cracking Open
Australia – Cracking Open Australia
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Canada – Cracking Open Canada

For information on Daniella Quartucio’s Energy Healing Work visit

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