• Self-Empowerment

    Overcome fear. Take charge of your life. Create Balance.

  • Accuracy

    Eliminate the irrelevant. Access the truth. Gain understanding.

  • Growth

    Embrace possibility. Expand your awareness. Connect with your world.

  • Ethics

    Act responsibly. Share helpfully. Live with integrity.

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  • Reasons to Take SAGE Classes

    • Free Yourself of Unnecessary Negative Energy
    • Live a Life That is Amazing
    • Live in Abundance and Spiritual Flow
    • Learn Tools to a Happier You
    • Experience Clear and Accurate Intuition
    • Distinguish Between Intuition and Imagination
  • What Graduates Say

  • You can…

    learn to trust yourself, experience clear and accurate intuition, truly grasp how intuition works, and learn to distinguish between intuition and imagination.

  • You deserve…

    to be free of unnecessary negative energy, to live a life that is amazing, to learn the tools to a happier you, and to live in abundance and spiritual flow.

  • Let this course be your gift to yourself

    Free yourself and discover your bliss!

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