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Seeker to Slacker

I’ve watched hundreds of students, in the position of seeker, advance on their spiritual journey. As a result, I have seen patterns emerge. One particular pattern is what I call ‘Seeker to Slacker’ and while this sounds negative, it really isn’t. It’s a pattern of releasing into a natural rhythm.

Here is How it is Broken Down

  1. A Seeker looks for direction.
  2. Then when they find direction they move quickly into learning ‘how to’.
  3. Once they learn ‘how to’, they push the boundaries and do, do, do.
  4. After a while, they realize they don’t have to ‘do’ at all. Consequently, they become a slacker.

Take Manifestation as an Example

Manifesting is a huge topic in the metaphysical world. If we break down manifestation from Seeker to Slacker it would look like this:

  1. Seeker is looking for ways to change their life.
  2. Having discovered ‘manifestation’, Seeker dives into learning everything they can about it.
  3. With lessons under their belt, they now apply it, consistently, to their lives to create the change they want to see.
  4. After that, they realize life is not something that needs to be changed, it’s something that needs to be experienced. Therefore they let go of manifesting and let the universe decide and become a slacker.

This is the pattern of Seeker to Slacker. Is it one that should be broken? Should we stop seeking all together? Absolutely not! Just to turn this completely around the bend, in the end, we were supposed to seek, and we were supposed to slack. The slacker realizes life will unfold exactly as it should AND realizes life DID unfold exactly as it should as a result of seeking. Thank you to the seeker.

Finding Balance

We can manifest something but in the end would it have happened anyway, even if we didn’t manifest it? My point is that everything is supposed to happen. We are supposed to seek and we are supposed to slack. Every moment will still be the correct moment. The key is to know when to seek and when to slack. Most importantly, this is the balance.

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