Behind the Scenes of the SAGE Circle Membership

If you’ve seen the SAGE Circle Membership and are curious about if it’s a good fit for you, this is the perfect video to watch. I take you behind the scenes of what is included in the SAGE Circle Membership. Scroll down to watch the video now. Meanwhile, I’ll tell you a little more about the membership.

What Does the SAGE Circle Membership Do?

The SAGE Circle has provided support, love, and intuition teachings to thousands across the globe. With Sacred Space group meditations structured to lift up each member and also send love out to the world, the energy of the membership has grown. In addition to these amazing meditations there are guidance readings, group connections, Q&A sessions, and much more. During all of these, members are lifted up. Most individuals join the SAGE Circle membership as a way to build their spiritual community. Likewise, people join the membership to learn how to hone their intuition to use in their day to day lives.

Unconditional Love

One key piece that runs through the entire membership is love. Unconditional love that raises the vibration of all the members and the group as a whole. In addition to the higher energy, members of this amazing group are taking steps to improve their life, open their intuition, and live the bliss they have been wanting to live for so long. Certainly, knowing in their heart that it is their time to thrive, members utilize the membership in the way that helps them the most. A a result, they create the structure in their day to day lives that they always needed. They find the knowledge that will help them lift up and above!

We Support You

In summary, SAGE Circle members have a support structure unlike any other we have seen before. We encourage you to check out the SAGE Circle for yourself. If you need direction, compassion, or understanding, this is a fantastic membership to participate in. Above all, it’s about you, your journey, and how we can support you on your spiritual path.

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The SAGE Circle

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